Vintage PlatesClassic / Vintage Vehicles

Do you own a piece of history? Why not show your antique vehicle off at special events and parades? Vintage licence plates allow you to do just that.

Does my vehicle qualify?

Your vehicle must be:

  • -at least 30 years old,
  • -maintained as close as possible to its original condition with original parts,
  • -restored to a condition that conforms as nearly as possible to the original manufacturer’s specifications,
  • -owned as a collector’s item, and
  • -mechanically sound.

How do I get vintage plates?

  1. Fill out an application form (THERE IS A LINK).
  2. Photograph your vehicle, following the instructions on the form.
  3. Submit the completed application and photos to us.

We will review your application and determine whether your vehicle qualifies. Once approved, the plates will be mailed to you. This process usually takes about three weeks.


AirCare isn’t required for antique vehicles.

Driving restrictions

  • Special occasions only
  • Vehicles with vintage plates may only be used for special occasions (for example: exhibitions, parades, car club activities, community events, weddings and graduations). Everyday pleasure driving is not permitted.

No business use or test driving

An antique vehicle may not be used for business or commercial purposes. Also, an antique vehicle being test-driven by a potential buyer may not display vintage plates for licensing purposes. For test-driving, the seller should buy a Temporary Operation Permit: a vehicle operation permit purchased to
provide insurance and licensing for 15 days or less.
Driving at night
If your vehicle doesn’t have the lights and reflectors required by the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations, you may not drive it between half an hour after sunset and half an hour before sunrise.

Insuring your antique vehicle

You can protect your vintage car investment by buying ICBC optional insurance: Collision, Comprehensive or Specified Perils. Because the use of a vintage vehicle is restricted, you will probably pay less for these coverages.