Feel protected inside and outside your home in British Columbia

Life is unpredictable. Overnight your luck can turn from good to bad because of a destructive force of nature or an accident on or off your property.

Just imagine what you would do if:

  • …a guest slips and falls on your door step
  • …faulty wiring unexpectedly causes a fire
  • …ice, snow or wind damage a part of your roof
  • …your home is burglarized and your heirloom jewels and fine arts are taken; or
  • …your legendary golf swing injures a fellow golfer

When your luck unexpectedly turns for the worse, it’s important to have safeguards in place to protect your family, your home and your belongings. With HomeProtect, a comprehensive home owners protection insurance program for British Columbia, you are covered against almost any loss. You can feel secure and protected inside and outside your home. HomeProtect is at your side.

Home insurance highlights
Comprehensive home insurance policy for British Columbia (BC) homeowners includes:

  • …Comprehensive / all-risk coverage. We cover your home and contents on a replacement cost basis. This type of home insurance coverage offers the best protection against loss.
  • …$2 million personal liability. This protects you and your family should you be responsible (legal liability) for injury or damage to others and/or their property.
  • …Increased monetary limits for personal property such as bicycles, golf clubs, watercraft, wine collections, fine art and jewellery.
  • …Property and liability coverage for students living away from home.
  • …Broad water damage coverage.
  • …Identity theft coverage.
  • …Optional earthquake coverage.
  • …Inflation protection.
  • Deductible options. Choose the one that’s right for you.
  • …24/7 emergency claims service.
  • …Affordable and convenient payment options.