Shortfall Recovery Insurance (SRI)

AppleSRI is an optional coverage that covers you for the shortfalls described below, but how is it different from other offerings that are similar?

The main difference is that while other optional coverages will replace a vehicle that has been written off, they may force you back into the same vehicle that you started with. With AppleSRI, we recognize that circumstances may have changed since you first bought your original vehicle. AppleSRI allows you to use the proceeds in whatever way suits you at the time!

Coverage Highlights

  1. Available on new and used cars (up to 7 model years)
  2. Coverage up to 84 months and $100,000
  3. Optional coverage available for partial losses
  4. Flexibility* in use of insurance proceeds

* You can replace with the same car, apply towards an upgrade, purchase a less costly vehicle, or keep the funds for other uses.

Partial Loss Coverage (OEM Parts)

For repairs due to a partial loss, AppleSRI will pay the extra cost for using Original Equipment Manufacturer        (OEM) parts versus the cost of generic parts approved by your primary insurance.

New Car Coverage

 Benefit based on MSRP of replacement vehicle, plus Freight/PDI/taxes.

Used Car Coverage

Benefit based on original price of vehicle, plus 5% for every year between the time of claim and the effective date of  the insurance.

Speak directly to a broker to find out more.