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Why Choose Apple Insurance for your Condo Insurance?

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Customized for Surrey’s
Distinctive Condo Landscape

In Surrey, every condo tells a different story. From the modern high-rises to the quaint townhomes, we’ve crafted insurance policies that resonate with each unique narrative. Dive into a policy that mirrors Surrey’s dynamic condo scene.

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All-Round Protection,
Tailored for You

Surrey’s charm comes with its own set of challenges. Whether it’s the Fraser River’s whims or the hustle and bustle of city life, we’ve got you covered. Rest easy, knowing every nook and cranny of your condo is shielded.

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Localized Claims Support:
We’re Here, Right Here

When things go south, find solace in our Surrey-centric claims team. They’re not just experts; they’re your neighbors, ready to guide you with warmth and efficiency.

Vintage Car Insurance in Surrey

Clear-Cut Pricing:
No Surprises, Only Fairness

Trust is built on transparency. Our quotes are as clear as a Surrey summer sky, devoid of hidden charges. Experience competitive rates, rooted in our deep grasp of Surrey’s condo market dynamics.

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More Than Insurance:
We’re Surrey at Heart

Surrey pulses within us. Our commitment extends beyond policies; it’s seen in our active participation in local events and welfare drives. We’re not just in Surrey; we’re of Surrey.

RV & Trailer Insurance in Surrey

Always a Call Away:
Expertise Meets Empathy

Questions? Concerns? Or just a chat about condo insurance nuances? Our Surrey-based mavens are eager to assist. Whether you’re stepping into your first condo or revisiting your existing policy, we’re here, always.

What Does Our Condo Insurance Cover?

Personal Property Protection

Building Additions
and Alterations





Guest Medical

Condo Maintenance
Fee Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does condo insurance in Surrey differ from standard homeowner's insurance?

Condo insurance in Surrey is specifically designed for the unique needs of condo owners. Unlike standard homeowner’s insurance, which covers the entire property, condo insurance primarily focuses on the interior of the unit and personal belongings. Additionally, given Surrey’s proximity to the Fraser River and its urban setting, our policies are tailored to address local challenges such as potential water damage or urban-related incidents.

Are there any specific coverages for condos located near the Fraser River in Surrey?

Yes, understanding the geographical nuances of Surrey, especially the areas close to the Fraser River, our policies offer options for water damage coverage. This ensures that condos near the riverfront have added protection against potential flooding or water-related damages.

I've made several upgrades to my Surrey condo. Are these customizations covered?

Absolutely! Our condo insurance covers building additions and alterations. Any improvements, alterations, or customizations you’ve made to your unit in Surrey are protected under our policy. It’s essential, however, to keep us updated about significant changes to ensure adequate coverage.

With Surrey's growing urban development, are there any additional coverages I should consider?

Surrey’s rapid urbanization brings unique challenges. We recommend considering coverage options that protect against theft, vandalism, and potential damages from neighboring construction or development activities. Our team can provide insights tailored to your condo’s specific location in Surrey.

How does the claims process work, especially if I'm based in a specific neighborhood in Surrey?

Our claims process is streamlined and localized. If you’re based in a specific neighborhood in Surrey, our Surrey-based claims team will assist you, ensuring a process that’s both efficient and familiar with local nuances. We aim to make the claims experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible for our Surrey residents.


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